Election Results State Map

By | February 10, 2020

Election Results State Map

Oregon secretary of state candidates Sen. Mark Hass, Jamie McLeod-Skinner and Sen. Shemia Fagan faced off in the Democratic primary Tuesday. There are notable Democratic primaries in Pennsylvania’s first and 10th congressional districts. Maryland voters head to the polls Tuesday to participate in an unprecedented election process due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Election Day is now less than six months away, but most Americans have set aside a presidential campaign that’s been upended by the coronavirus pandemic. While the coronavirus has tossed the mechanics The presumptive Democratic nominee, who in the primaries dismissed the notion of radical systemic change, is rethinking his potential presidency as he considers taking power in the face of a pandemic,

The nation’s fight against the coronavirus has focused a political spotlight on the power wielded by President Donald Trump and state governors. GOP Sen. Joni Ernst is among the Republicans fighting for re-election in a tough race as the coronavirus pandemic puts her seat in play.

Election Results State Map : The 2020 election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden will likely come down to six key battleground states, all of which the president carried four years ago. Drowned out by the coronavirus and national politics, Republican and Democratic operatives are quietly preparing for a battle .

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