Zip Code Map Brooklyn

By | February 22, 2020

Zip Code Map Brooklyn

“This should shock the conscience of our city,” said Mark Levine, chair of the New York City Council’s health committee. Data released by New York City’s Department of Health breaks down coronavirus death rates per 100,000 in zipcodes across New York City. Prospect Lefferts Gardens and Flatbush zip codes had 144 new hospitalizations last week, topping most of the city, according to officials.

Brooklyn ZIP code 11239 in East New York has faced the highest number of COVID-19 deaths per capita in the city, new Department of Health data shows. The Newly released Department of Health data shows The data released Monday reinforced earlier revelations that black and Hispanic New Yorkers were both more than twice as likely to be killed by the virus as white people.

The new information confirms earlier data that found a disparity in deaths caused by the virus among people of color and those who live in low-income neighborhoods. NYC Deaths Hispanic: 34% of deaths (29% of population) Black: 28% of deaths (22% of population) White: 27% of deaths (32% of population)

Zip Code Map Brooklyn : Crown Heights, New York City and across New York: Brooklyn Coronavirus Hospitalizations Remain High; Chris Rock, Rosie Perez Spread Word On Coronavirus Tests, Masks; Brooklyn Museum Launches New York City’s health department has begun providing data that breaks down the city’s COVID-19 pandemic by a number of different demographic factors, including race and ZIP code. So far, the .

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